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The same as the other CabMaster Designer products, drag and drop to draw up your plan using a comprehensive pre built library.

A wide range of cabinets, with detailed options allowing you to modify parametrically and save your list of units with no limitations on cabinet duplicating as well as easily changing cabinet construction to suit your business.

Several libraries available with all your different types of cabinets, units and also individual Parts library allowing you to create your own from scratch. Rename and group your cabinets to best suit you and select from a range of different pricing options starting from a simple fixed cost, right through to a break down costing of material, hardware, labour and more.

Set up your customer database and produce a range of reports such as cutting lists, quotes and invoices, quantities list and more. Easily setup your own custom templates with your company logo, customer information and different pages to include separate bench top and kick board plans.

Start with over twelve thousand materials and easily add, remove or change using the Materials Manager module. View your job in elevated views and four different 3D views. Use the Accessories and Models library to make your job look even more realistic.

CabMaster Designer Pro

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